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Our clothing is designed for the urban girl that is artistic and musical. And because springtime is right around the corner, our clothing line is exactly what you need to look your best while showing your personality.

How Clothes Make You Thinner

Ladies, summer is right around the corner and you need to forget about losing weight within weeks – it is simply not possible.

But there is a better option here. The better option is to simply make your clothes make you look skinnier and thinner.

So what can you do to use your fashion to make you look good on the outside and thinner all over?

The Best Bra

Well it’s all about what’s underneath. The first step is to make sure that you have the best fitting bra you can buy. It will make your waist look a lot smaller and it can also make you look thinner because you will look taller.

The biggest issue here is that a lot of women are simply not wearing the right bra size and if you fall into this trap you will never be able to look your best.

Try to look for a bra that are is as invisible as possible so that you do not have articles of clothing pushing out against your outer clothing. Getting bras that actually fit you correctly is one of the best investments you can make.

Empire Dresses

Also, you should try to use Empire dresses because they will make your waistline look extremely small and can also conceal a protruding stomach. Surprisingly, these types of dresses can work for any type of shape or figure. Just make sure your dress is not too tight or too loose.

Using Graphics to Your Advantage

The right graphics on the right areas can actually make you look a lot smaller. For instance, the right patterns can actually make you look smaller in those problem areas. For instance, if you have extremely large hips you can use a pattern skirt that helps hide this fact.

Use Only One Color

Choosing only one color will create the illusion that you are actually taller. However, when you use different colors to create contrast this makes you look shorter and heavier. And although you can wear a solid black color you can also go with lighter shades that are neutral and these will also do the same trick. And keep in mind that lighter shades are more feminine.

Increase the Size of Your Heels

By simply increasing your height you will create the additional illusion of being slightly taller. So do not be afraid to wear those pumps or your high heels. Just make sure your pants aren’t scraping the floor.

And whatever you do make sure you never wear a dress that fits you too tightly because this will actually make you look heavier. Although it may feel nice to fit into a smaller dress this strategy will actually backfire on you.


Slimming Tips

Our clothing line is designed to make the urban girl look skinnier, sexier, more vibrant and more attractive.

Use our clothes to express yourself and show your unique identity and personality.

So here are some tips to help you look thinner with our clothes:

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